Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lexi Loves to Read

We have been loving our weekly library trips! Our Flower Mound library is wonderful and have such great activities for kids. Lexi and I had fun at Mother Goose story time. She is sitting next to a little girl that's about 3 weeks older than her named Emma. Lexi loves making friends! She was also enjoying the librarian singing the "Five Little Ducks" book. She took off out of my lap and crawled right up to her (it's funny how she stopped right at the blue tape line on the ground).

We also enjoyed a nice lunch in downtown Lewisville with Mimi. I lie this pic I snapped with the IPhone of Lexi playing on her lap. So cute!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Taking a Stand

Lexi has just started trying to walk while we hold her hands and, boy, does she get a kick out of it.  I embraced the joy this weekend and snapped a few pics of her doing what she loves.  I know soon she'll be on to something new and will be a master of "walking" with daddy, so I really wanted to capture the joy on her face when we grab her hands to help her walk around.  Can you tell she is a total daddy's girl?  I especially love a couple shots at the bottom I got of Lexi and Nick enjoying a "Daddy/Daughter" when he was helping her put her shoe that had slipped off back on and she is looking down at him and the other when he is showing her the leaves on a tree that she was fascinated with.  It's these little moments that make life as a mommy truly spectacular.

This Daddy totally adores his little doll!

Macaroni Queen

Lexi is in LOVE with solid foods and is up to three solid meals a day.  Just this last week she started eating macaroni with tuna and has discovered a new passion.  She will eat a whole baby food container full of macaroni (I reuse my old ones as mini tupperware containers for homemade solids).  Here are a few pics of the "Macaroni Queen" chowing down!

She has also discovered "screaming" for fun this week.  I am sure that boisterous spirit will transform into an adventurous nature in the future.  Here she is hollering for MORE MACARONI!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bring on the Crazy Hair

I am so excited that Lexi FINALLY has enough hair to get a crazy hair shot in the bathtub.  I long to put this sweet little hair into pigtails one day.  We met the cutest little 9 month old girl while we were out yesterday and she had the most ADORABLE little pigtails...I'll admit, I had total pigtail envy.  These are not the best pics because there is no natural light to speak of in my bathroom but I couldn't resist snapping a few pics of my wild woman playing in the bathtub tonight.

 I love that when I get behind the camera she will no longer look at me so Nick came in to keep her from eating bubbles and splashing in the water long enough to look up in the general vicinity of the camera.

 She literally thinks that everything is for putting in your mouth now that she's eating solid food.  It was bad before but now she even tries to catch the bubbles floating in the tub and chow down on them.

Happy Girl

Playtime at the house is one of Lexi's favorite activities.  She likes to crawl all over and have me chase her around.  I'm exhausted by the end of the day.  I sure wish someone gave me a warm beverage twice a day and laid me down for a nap, while a magic cleaning fairy came and did a couple of loads of laundry, washed the dishes and straightened up the daily messes around the house.  Thank goodness Nick swoops in for playtime in the evenings and gives me a little mommy down time!

 It's hard to catch Lexi smiling in a picture because she is always concentrating on whatever she is playing with or zipping off to find something new. I relish the times when she is in a happy mood AND she is content with laying on the ground and letting me take her picture. When the cosmic forces align and both of these events happen at the same time I get cute little pictures like this (complete with droll down the face thanks to the 4 upper teeth she is trying to cut)

 And now you can tell that she is getting tired of getting her picture taken.
 And she's off...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Age of Discovery

Lexi is so curious right now about the world around her.  I always joke that trying to take posed pictures of her is a joke because she is always crawling away to explore something new, around the house or when we are out and about.  So I decided to embrace this stage and just capture pictures of her doing what she does day in and day out.  Right now, she is fascinated by opening and closing doors, objects going in and out of containers and trying to stand against furniture, walk around and sit herself back down on the ground.  She loves to play in with water, paint and any item that we use around the house...bowls, golfballs, spoons, tupperware, lids, plastic eggs....the list goes on.  Our play at home time normally consists of me setting up an "invitation" for some new play opportunity with objects around the house and letting her explore it.   Today we painted feet and squished our toes in the paint.  Then after stamps and squishing around we got two footprints close together and turned them into a butterfly!  These are just a few pictures that give you just snapshot of what a "day in the life" is like with Lexi these days.

 With our next child we will purchase iron on monthly stickers...there is no hope keeping those on a shirt anymore. 

 Here's the "You Caught Me" look while she was playing with the doors to the dog pens.

Wow...they close and open!

 Finally crawling on all fours on the carpet.  She's still a speed demon on her belly on the wood floors though.

 More door fascination

I caught her peeking under the bed....look what she found. 

" don't go under the bed, you silly goose"

 And this is her latest trick (captured on Nick's side of the closet).  She can bend down, touch the ground and go from standing to sitting.  Hooray!  Now she doesn't scream in frustration every time she pulls herself up and can't get down.

We also had our first trip to the library. Lexi was decked out in her special bookworm shirt that reads "I'll be a bookworm as soon as I learn to read" from Aunt Margaret. And of course we had to also bring her Bookwork Bookbag as well. We had a fun day at the library with Mimi, found some board books to read and even met a couple new friends. The Flower Mound library has an excellent kids section. Lexi was more fascinated with the other kids and the toys than doing much reading, but I'm sure we'll enjoy reading our new books at home during storytime in the evenings. We plan on trying to make it a weekly trip. What great free entertainment!

I love this look....she has discovered something that she just HAS to touch!

Where are the the mirror? Hmmm...that's tricky
This was the only time she really sat still to listen to a story.  Mimi's got the magic touch and magic voice.

This is such a fun age!

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