Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lexi 4 Months

Dear Lexi-
    I can't believe how much you've grown.  It seems like only yesterday that we were wondering when you would be able to look us in the eye and focus on us and now you are such a big girl.  We went to visit your little cousin, Cord, this month and you seemed so big compared to him.  It's amazing how quickly time flies and how fast you are growing up.  We try to savor every single moment with you because they are all so very precious.  Here are some new things you have been doing this last month:

-You learned to blow bubbles and raspberries with your month.  When we lay you on your bed or your changing table, hardly a day goes by when you don't look up at us with that big smile and blow spit bubbles to amuse yourself.

-You made it through your first month of daycare.  You were a little more snotty than usual, but you love Ms. Claire and Ms. Tiffany (and they love you too).  They always tell daddy and I that you are the BEST baby and that you are just so content with everything you do.

-You finally started liking your bathtub.  We take a bath everyday after you get home from daycare and you start splashing in the water when Mommy sings bathtime songs, like Rubber Ducky, to you. 

-You now love to be naked!  What a change from your first month of life, when you would scream every time the air touched your skin.  I lay you in your crib under the mobile in nothing but a diaper, while I get your bath ready, and you laugh and kick and play.  In fact, all of the best pictures we took of you this month were when you had your clothes off.

-You discovered you have hands and you LOVE to stick them in your mouth.  You are constantly exploring your fingers and toys with your mouth.  This has turned you into a little drool machine.  From the time we get your dressed in the morning, it doesn't take long for the front of your shirt to get soaking wet with drool.

-On Decemeber 28th, you gained your first cousin.  You already love little Cord and look at him when he makes noise and grunts.  You might be wondering how someone so little has 3 times as much hair as you.

-You are talking and making lots of noises.  You also discovered that you can make really loud sounds and like to "scream" in the car just so we don't forget you're in the back seat.

-You love getting your picture taken.  Mommy calls you a little "ham" in front of the camera and thinks you know how to pose now.

-You like to follow things with your eyes, whether it be toys or bubbles being blown in front of your face you love to watch and observe EVERYTHING.

-Much to Mommy's dismay, you seem fascinated with the TV.  Mommy records a show called Super Why for you and you love to watch the "Super Readers" read the story of the day and solve a problem.  Your favorite character is Alpha Pig, probably because he has a high pitched voice.

 You melt our heart and fill our life with such joy.  You are our little angel from heaven!
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