Thursday, July 14, 2011

Busy on the Nursery and New Baby Pics

Recently Nick and I have been working away on Lexi's nursery. I'm so lucky to have such a handy (and helpful) hubby. After picking out the pink paint for the nursery Nick painted and then installed a beautiful chair rail around the room. We put up a few decorations, a few that were made by friends and family especially for the room. Then we put together the crib and moved the other furniture back into the room. I finished sewing the bottoms of some sheer curtain panels and finished them off with pink bows. We are still waiting for bedding to come in and to make some decisions about what we will do for a changing table. We are debating between using the top of the dresser and getting a seperate piece of furniture. Luckily we have plenty of time to decide.

Before: Nick's Man Cave being destroyed

After: Nursery w/ Chairrail

Adorable letter canvases that match the bedding from Aunt Christine!

My nesting instinct has been kicked into overdrive and I can't stop organizing. I already like organizing the house, but recently it has been driving me crazy if drawers, closets and other various nooks and crannies are not cleaned out. I also love to sit and look at all of Lexi's new little toys and clothes and arrange all the things in her room. And I've been crafting up a recent project is Lexi's/my scrapbook of my pregnancy. I've been scrapbooking with my friend Donna these past two weeks and am almost caught up to present day. I know this is totally normal for preggo women to want to sort, clean and craft, but it feels a little crazy to want to do it SO BADLY!

Here's a pic of my homemade etsy-inspired artwork.

When I come back from Houston in two weeks, Nick and I will be revisiting the doctor for our 3D ultrasound. Our first attempt this week was unsuccessful because Lexi refused to move her arm away from her head. She was in breech position up under my ribcage and wouldn't cooperate with the sono-tech. I wiggled, rolled on my side and even drank orange juice to get to her move with no luck. She just wanted to block her face and take a nap! She's either going to be a great sleeper or a stubborn little toot. I can't wait to find out!

Here is her hand in 3D (one of the only 3D pics that turned out)

Here is a 2D pic where you can see her eye, nose, chin, arm and body.

This is a not very clear 3D picture of the side of her face, blocked by her little hand.

It's hard to tell, but this is her arm blocking her face. She's sleeping

It's confirmed once again..definitely a girl. This is a pic of her girlie parts.

Monday, July 4, 2011

America the Beautiful

Happy 4th of July! Nick and I had the opportunity to hang out with some great friends last night at Kaboomtown in Addison. Kaboomtown is a huge event that ends in a fireworks show that is rated one of the top in the nation. We have planned to go many years in the past, but never made it out so we were excited to finally get the chance. Our friends, Stephen and Stacy, live in Addison right where the event is held so we all met at their apartment and trekked downstairs for the big event. Let me tell you, big does not even begin to describe it. The crowds were AWFUL. Every nook and cranny of the lawn and sidewalks was packed person on top of person like a can of sardines. After spending about 30 minutes in the chaos and getting nowhere we decided to head to a local pub down the street instead. Then we ordered pizza and had a picnic on the rooftop of their buildings parking garage. We had an excellent view of the fireworks show (which really was fantastic) and could even hear the music from the orchestra playing in the background. It was an excellent night with fantastic friends.

The Boys

The Girls
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