Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shutterbug Fever

Alright, I got a new lens and flash for Christmas for my camera and I am having a ball playing with them both.  It doesn't hurt that I have an adorable test subject that I can snap pictures of all the time!  We have had such a wonderful week together off while I have been off of work for the holidays.  I haven't enjoyed getting her clothes and supplies ready for daycare, but I am trying to stay positive and enjoy all the moments that I have with her.  Alexis is just so active and happy during the day.  It makes it hard, knowing I'm missing that time with her.  Here is our sweet girl, who turned 3 months this week.  She is growing so fast.  Now Lexi can hold up her head during tummy time and move it around to look at you.  She loves to put her hands in her mouth and has started grasping onto toys.  She is SOOO smiley and loves to laugh and talk.  She also LOVES exploring and discovering new things.  Whether it be her hand (which is is fascinated with) or the nearest toy or dangling object, she will stare intensely at them with her eyes wide open. 

 Amazed by the pom-pom
 Wow, my hands rock!
 "Mom, you caught me"
 Look at me push up my head
 Chilled out!
 In awe of the ceiling fan
 Sweet baby feet
 Aren't I cute!
 A little drool never hurt anyone.
 A view from above
 Hangin' in our bouncy seat
 Watching the mobile spin around
Wide eyed wonder

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas

'Twas the day before Christmas at the Siller abode

And the stocking were hung, just awaiting their load

Guests arrived happily and cooked up a storm

Then we all settled into our beds, toasty warm

The morning would greet us with loads of delight

A tree stacked with presents had arrived overnight
All opened their gifts, celebrating with glee

And Lexi found toys underneath that great tree

"Mrs. Claus", she relaxed, after all of that stressing

Having family together was the very best blessing!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Lexi at 2 months

   I can't believe how quickly you've grown. In just a few short months, you have gone from a tiny little newborn that needed Daddy and I to do everything for you, to such a big girl.  You are growing so much everyday.  This month at your doctor's appointment you weighed 10 lbs and 4 oz., exactly 4 pounds more than your birth weight.  You are 23 inches long...I can tell how tall you've grown when I try to put on your clothes and your ankles are popping out of the bottoms of your pants.  You are wearing 0-3 months clothes and will probably be in these until the time you are 3 months old.  Your eyes are still blue and we haven't noticed any color change yet.  Dr. Naylor says it's possible they might stay this color.

   This month you have learned so many new things....

-You love to watch the world.  You went from loving to be cradled in people's arms to wanting to face out and look at the room.  You like to sit up in people's laps and observe what is going on around you with your big, beautiful eyes.

-You are getting better at tummy time and can hold your head up and move it back and forth (when you aren't too tired).

-You love music and your favorite activity involves laying on the ground and kicking your feet, especially when people talk to you or there is music on.  Daddy thinks you are going to be athletic because your coordination is great.:)

-You found your thumb and think it tastes delicious.  You love to suck on it instead of your paci.  It's so cute to look at you with your thumb in your mouth and the rest of your fingers fanned out around your face. 

- You celebrated your first Thanksgiving in Longview.  You were such a doll in your little turkey shirt and your blue jeans.  Daddy thinks you look so cute in these and loves to sing "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On" to you when you wear them.  Here you are with MawMaw, your great grandma!

-You took your first rode trip to Houston with Mommy.  We visit Mimi and Grandpa in Cypress and had fun getting treated like princesses.  You got a couple cute Christmas outfits, rode on your first carousel and had dinner with your cousins Cassie and Michelle.  It was a great week!

-You are SMILING!  This month you started smiling all the time.  When you wake up from your naps and are laying on your changing table you love to look up at Daddy and I and smile and kick.  Mommy's favorite smiles are the big gummy ones you give her when she talks to you.

-You have learned that you have a voice this month and you love to use it.  You make lots of ooo sounds, gurlges and coos and even sound like you are excited and laughing sometimes.  It is so fun to talk to you because you like to make sounds in response to our questions.

 -You explore with your tongue.  You like to up things in your mouth or lick them.  We have to be careful what we set you on, because you are certainly going to try to taste it.

My sweet girl, everyday with you is a fascinating adventure.  I can't wait to get up with you in the morning, because I know you will be there to light up my day and make me smile.  What a blessed Mommy I am to have a wonderful daughter like you!

Playdate with Mason

I had the pleasure of babysitting one of my best friend, Deanna's, son Mason for a few hours this week.  Lexi had just gotten her 2 month shots so she was sleepy most of the playdate.  Mason helped me decorated the tree and showed off some of his new skills...he is starting to sit up, he is grasping objects, LOVES his hands (especially putting them in his mouth), and he is babbling up a storm.  Lexi woke up during the last hour he was here but she needed some relax time because she was still pretty out of it.  They even took a nap together at one point during the afternoon.  I put on the HBO series "Classical Baby" for them both and they were entranced.  This show basically plays classical music while pictures and visuals dance around the screen.  It's fantastic!  Very good when we need a chill out moment. 

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