Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Months Old

    Today you turned 7 months old.  How quickly you are growing and what a big girl you are becoming right before my eyes.  You change so much each and every day.  Daddy and I always wonder what new surprise is in store for us from week to week.  Here are some of my favorite things that you have learned to do this month.

-At your 6 month doctor's appointment on April 9th you weighed 14 lbs and 1 oz.  You are a teeny petite little thing, but you are right on track with all of your developmental milestones.

-You are talking up a storm.  I thought you were vocal before, but now you talk ALL the time.  You have learned to put consonants and vowels together and when you play with us or your toys it is a non-stop stream of bababa dadada mamama (this one melts my heart even if you don't connect it to me yet).  You also love to "talk" in the backseat of the car when I am on bluetooth.  People laugh now because they can hear you in the background on the phone.

-We have really explored a variety of solid foods this month.  Your favorites are all the fruits, especially apples and peaches.  You don't love veggies yet, but you'll eat them all except carrots.  You HATE carrots and everytime I attempt to give them to you again, you go on an solids strike for a day.

-You are sitting completely on your own.  It's so cute to watch you bend all the way down to reach for your favorite toy and pull yourself back up.  They are so impressed at daycare with you strength, especially because you are so teeny.

-You love bathtime and anything in the water.  You love playing in your blow up pool in the backyard when it's warm enough, or "swimming" in the bathtub when it's not.  You are already a little water baby!

-When you are on your belly you have developed some interesting ways to reach toys that are near you on the floor. Earlier in the month, you would smash your face into the ground and push your booty in the air.  That didn't get you anywhere and you got very frustrated.  Then you started turning your head sideways, stretching your hands to reach as far as you could and kicking your feet until you scooted forward.  This week you figured out the beginnings of keeping your head up and pulling your legs underneath you to squirm forward.  It won't be long until your up on all fours.

-You like to attempt to "chase" your Move and Crawl ball and Follow Me Fiona around the living room while army crawling around.  You are still very slow, but the look of determination on your face tells me it won't be long until you are scooting quickly around the floor.

-You have been teething and have had a few nights sprinkled throughout the month where you woke up multiple times.  You have been such a good nighttime sleeper for so long that it took Daddy and I by surprise.  We have just adjusted and done what we need to do to make you comfortable and help you sleep better.

-You developed a little seperation anxiety this month, when I try to hand you off to someone you don't see all the time.  It takes you a bit of warming up and then you are a social butterfly.

-You love to listen to stories after bathtime at night and help mommy or daddy turn the pages as we read together.

I can't believe as I write this that by the next time I write you a letter summer vacation will almost be here. I'm sure this last month will fly by, just like the other 4 have!  It's fun to watch you grow, but it's more and more obvious to me every day that I can't keep you little forever.

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