Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting Ready for Halloween

I was so excited when I went to Target looking for costumes and found the cutest outfits for our dogs for Halloween. We found the perfect outfit for Kobe....a king costume, complete with a crown! Since Kobe is the undisputed king of our house, I find this wildly appropriate.

After much deliberation, Scoutie will be dressing up as grapes....that's right, grapes. Could you get anymore random? The makers of Target costumes must have had a wicked sense of humor this year, because they had some CRAZY costumes. The choices included "banana split" (the runner up), "blowfish", "ram" and even a "submarine" costume. So here is Scout, not very happy to have a grapevine on his head. He will wear anything as long as his head isn't covered but it just isn't as cute without it.

And an aerial shot of Kobe dressed as a bunch of grapes. Too cute!

Here's a much happier Scout in his Halloween pajamas! He is in desperate need of a visit to the groomer. Yes I'm the crazy lady that LOVES to torture her dogs by dressing them up and taking pictures.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Nick!

No, this is not a picture of a cake I made for Nick's birthday because
#1. Nick really dislikes almost all desserts.
#2. Nick stressed he did NOT want a treat for his birthday.
#3. I could NEVER make this cake, even if I really wanted too.

Today Nick turned 31 and I teased him mercilessly all day that he was becoming an old man. In a few short years, when I turn 30 I'm sure I'll pay for that. We have both been so busy at work so we met at Blue Ocean in Lewisville for sushi. Nick and I both LOVE sushi and since I was treating him for his birthday we really splurged on some of the chef's "special" rolls.
This is the Ahi Tower (which they mix all together before they serve it)

And the Rainbow Roll.

Then we tried a new one...the Twister Roll.

Sorry no birthday pictures tonight. The real celebration for his birthday will come this weekend when OU gives him the greatest gift of all...winning against Texas in the big game on Saturday! Boomer Sooner!

Monday, September 27, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance!!

If you don't watch So You Think You Can Dance in the summers, then you can't possibly understand the glory that is this show. Meagan and I have watched this since the second season, when we lived together and are still totally addicted to it. I have been known to rewatch dances 5 or 6 times, I save the episodes on my DVR and sometimes I just watch certain dances to cheer me up. This season was AMAZING, because they brought back people from seasons 1-6 as "all-star" dancers and they paired with a new dancer each week. So you not only got a chance to fall in love with some of the new dancers, but you got to see some of your old favorites (Twitch, Neil, Katherine) week after week. Meagan and I decided it was FINALLY time to go to a concert. By the time we made our decision, most of the concert was sold out. We were in section 3, row HHH. As you can see, we were pretty far away.

After the lights went down, we moved closer....there were tons of open seats. Then we experienced 2 hours of true bliss. They redid some of the favorite dances from the season and reworked some of the other dances with people who were actually in the show. My favorite routine was Kent and Lauren (the winner from Season 7)doing the "prom" dance to "Collide" by Howie Day and then going right into a latin dance to "My First Kiss" by 3oh3! Sadly, we were the crazy girls screaming the whole night, but we certainly weren't alone. We didn't get home until midnight, which made going to school the next day a little exhausting, but it was worth it. So in conclusion, if you don't watch this show it's time to start! It's the perfect way to waste hot summer evenings when no other good TV is on and I guarantee you will love it too.

Sorry for the blurry pictures, but it was the best I could do so far away.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

We're Breaking Free!

About a month ago, I got a call from my friend Kristen because she was in a pickle (I love that term). She and her husband, Craig had signed up to participate in this obstacle course challenge, called the Jailbreak Dash. Then he got an opportunity to travel to Japan for work and, of course, had to take it! In a nutshell, they had already paid the entry fee and she needed someone who could participate in his place. I'm always up for anything, especially if it seems like fun, plus the money goes to a good cause. The proceeds benefit the Sower of Seeds ministries, which help to get clean water to people in India. So that leads me to this weekend. We geared up in our junkiest workout clothes, because many of the obstacles involve wading through mud pits. We packed up our bags, trashbags and towels to cover up the car seats and headed out to Roanoke. Here is the 3.8 mile course.

There were hills, haybale walls you had to climb, multiple mud pits, 3 river crossings, and miles of dirt trail through the woods. Kristen and I were a little worried since we didn't train at all for this, but we ended up having a blast. We actually jogged way more of the course than we thought we would and got FILTHY! Here are some pictures of us celebrating after crossing the finish line, before we got hosed down (not that it helped much)!

You can't tell this from the pictures, but we are also SOAKING wet. I donated my muddy shoes to a charity drive they were doing they were so filthy. After that, we ate our included BBQ sandwich and chips, and packed up to head home. Great times on this hot Texas Sunday! I'm sure I'll be hurting tomorrow, but at least we can say we had fun and it was all worth it. I've already convinced Nick to do it with us next year.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fixing up the House

My handyman and adorable husband Nick woke up early this morning and headed to Lowes to pick up a few things we needed for the house. Our doorbell has been broken for the better part of a year and we had finally had enough. So after 30 minutes of hard work, we now have a fully functioning doorbell. I'm so lucky Nick knows how to repair so many things. If it was up to me to do, we either wouldn't have a doorbell or I would have electrocuted myself.

After that, he decided to clean the covers on our florescent kitchen lights. In the process, he accidentally cracked one in half. Being the crazy person that I am, we had to immediately make a second trip to Lowes to get a new light cover. It was driving me crazy to have a broken one, so for the second time we headed to the land of tools to gather supplies. We made it in and out quickly, but I had to put blinders on Nick in the process. He could go through every aisle there and find things he forgot we "needed". I am exactly the same way at a shoe store so I can't blame him.

Then Nick's wonderful family came into town for a visit. I hadn't seen them in a couple months so it was great to get to catch up with his dad, mom and sister Courtnery!
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