Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

What a couple of weeks we've had! First Lexi and I catch the stomach bug and now I have been sick the last few days with what can only be the about a case of bad luck. We have been disease free in the house for a LONG time (especially long for me, who seems to catch everything) so I guess we were due.

Today I finally got up enough strength to get out of the house (if you can count my backyard as out of the house) and got some cute pics of Lexi for our Christmas cards. We had to miss my last chance at getting a family photo this weekend when I fell ill, so Lexi is the shining star of our Christmas card this year. Seems fitting ;)

Anyways I can't give away any of the shots I used for my card early (wouldn't want to spoil the surprise when you open your mailbox and see that cute little mug) but I will share the reject shots.


As you can tell, we are not outside in these pictures, which is why they aren't my favorites. But I do love her playing with the Christmas tree! My how she's changed in a year
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