Friday, June 29, 2012

9 Months Old

My Darling Lexi-
My, my how much you've grown this last month. You've been going through so many changes. Mommy and Daddy wondered why you started having sleep regression the last few weeks and suddenly you were learning one new skill after the other. No wonder you were having such a hard time sleeping....your little brain was working on overdrive to figure
out how to do so many new things. We went to the doctor yesterday and she said that you are about to cut your top 4 teeth. We have known by the telltale signs of drooling and chewing on everything that you had some new teeth in your future. Here are some monthly measurements and new things you have been learning this month:

Height: 28 inches
Weight: 16 lbs. 14.5 oz

Foods:You have been eating all the fruit and veggie mixes and recently started baby yogurt. You also love finger foods, especially sprinkle cheese and Gerber cheese and veggie puffs, cut up green beans, yogurt bites and cereal puffs.

-You learned to drink out of a sippy cup and LOVE drinking your water from it. You work up a thirst from all that moving.

-You have gone from army crawling everywhere at the speed of light, to a half crawl (up on one knee with the other leg straight out), and just today you figured out how to crawl on both knees. And you crawl all over the house!

-You have figured out how to pull yourself up on the furniture this month and a couple of weeks ago you started cruising the furniture. Now when you wake up in the middle of the night you try to pull yourself up on the edge of your bed to practice. You try to pull up on EVERYTHING, the furniture, mommy's legs, the cabinets, the walls and even poor Kobe is fair game. A We can't have our eyes off of you for a second or you will be up on something wobbling around.

-You have fully mastered babbling and are starting to show signs of understanding mama and dada. You also like to "talk" to your toys and baby dolls when you play and will hold toys and our IPhones up to your face when you play and make a sound like you are talking on the phone. So cute!!

-You are right in the middle of some major seperation anxiety. This is totally normal at this age, but you do get nervous when we pass you to a stranger and you get worried when you wake up and we aren't in the room. You like to try to find us by calling out a sound and having us echo you back.

-You love peekaboo. We work on this all time...(the sooner you can master object permanence the better to help alleviate the seperation anxiety) You love for us to hide behind blankets, shower curtains or doors and pop out to say peekaboo. You also love all book with peekabo flaps and to hide objects and find them. You just figured out how to hold up blankets or your shirt to cover up your own face then pull it down to uncover it.

-You are constantly trying to figure out how things work. All objects are fascinating and each couple of days it seems to be something new...from the doggie door, to opening and closing doors, to splashing in the dogs water bowl or playing with an egg carton and ping pong balls, you just want to discover how everything works. You also love to put objects in and out of containers.

-Babyproofing is a must. You figured out how to open and close doors and unclug things from the wall, so our eyes always have to be on you.

-No new teeth (still just the bottom 2) but I have a feeling we'll be seeing some new ones before long.

-You are a water baby! You love the pool and we go swimming multiple times a week. Thank goodness it's right down the street from our house.

-You started recognizing when I put my sunglasses and purse on that we are going somewhere and you get so excited! You jump up and down and shake you hands in the air and laugh whenever I put these items on!

-You are such a daddy's girl. When daddy gets home from work you giggling and laugh at him and babble up a storm. It's like the fun can finally begin when daddy gets home from work because your favorite playmate has arrived.

What a fascinating time of discovery this month has been. Mommy is having so much fun being home with you all day long. Despite being stuck inside because of the triple digit temperatures here, we are having a ball together. We love you so much are our little angel.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

House Updates-New Flooring

After battling some sickness in our house this week we decided to brave the outdoors and blistering heat this Saturday to do a little shopping.  With our new wood floors we were in major need of some rugs.  Lexi loved to pull her "salamander baby" routine and slide all over them, but I knew I would feel a little better with some cushion under her little belly. So all around Dallas wewent hunting for rugs.  We ended up with a combination of rugs from West Elm and Home Depot.  Here are a few pics of the new floors in our house.  I am so excited and am itching to update the bedroom and artwork on the walls now.  I can't help but tweak the decor all the time.  It's just my nature :)


Happy Daddy's Day!

Lexi worked hard on her first Father's Day gift to her daddy.  And why wouldn't she....she is blessed with the most amazing daddy in the whole world and she truly is a "daddy's girl."  I knew Nick would be an amazing father (if anyone has seen how he pampers his dog, Kobe, you can back me up here).  I can honestly say he has surpassed even my highest expectations.  He is a "superdad" and Lexi knows it.  Watching her face light up when he enters a room or comes home after a long days work can attest to her absolute adoration of him.  

We love you so much Nick!  Happy Father's Day :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

House Facelift

Lexi and I packed up and headed to Houston this week to visit my sister, Meagan, and my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Bobby. While we have been in Houston our house has been getting a major facelift. We are putting wood floor throughout a majority of the house. We ripped up a little tile and a lot of carpet and are having the floors installed. Here are a few pics from their first days of work....nick is handling everything at the house and is SOOO glad that he didn't decide to do it himself. I can't wait to see it all finished when I get home on Wednesday (on our 4th anniversary).
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